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inquiry of bearing for CAT 325CL CRB00589 machine

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I am asking for a quote for a bearing with a gear for rotation in the CAT 325CL CRB00589 machine. Original matching number is...

[2023-05-16] Slovenia

Enquiry cat 345 SWING BEARING

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hello do you have swing bearing and 2 shaft pinion for cat 345 blme original or not original. serial number is 7KS00665. how much is time for delivery on slovenia. and how much is the...


Item request Slewing ring 310.16.0900.000 Typ 16 L/1050

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Dear Sirs, Please provide an offer (Del. cost included) and delivery time to our WH. Slewing ring, 310.16.0900.000 Typ 16 L/1050 – 2...

[2023-02-18] United States

looking for a swing bearing for a liebherr LR853 crawler crane

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looking for a swing bearing for a liebherr LR853 crawler...


Price request Cat 345B

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Hello, Can you make an offer for this slewing gear? Part no 227-6094 Shipping...


Enquiry KOMATSU PC450LC-7K bearing

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Machine details are: KOMATSU PC450LC-7K, serial number: K40261, year 2005. The original and correct part number for this model is...


Enquiry Komatsu PC450/20, 208-27-00243 FINAL DRIVE ASSY

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Hello, Can you offer me 208-27-00243-FINAL DRIVE ASS'Y for Komatsu PC450/20? Please note if the final drive is new, rebuilt or used. Also please note the warranty...


Запрос Устройство опорно-поворотное ISB ZBL.20.0544.200-1SPTN

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Добрый день! Интересует цена и срок поставки на Устройство опорно-поворотное ISB ZBL.20.0544.200-1SPTN z=76...



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Hello Please advise price and delivery time for 1 Pc of SD.616.20.00.B...


Enquiry Excavator Volvo EC290BL

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Hi dear plase send me offer for Excavator Volvo EC290BL 01.Slewing bearing qty:01...


Please offer 207-25-61100 swing circle for Komatsu PC340-7K ​

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Hello, Please offer me the following parts for Komatsu PC340-7K (s/n: 40949): 207-25-61100 swing circle x1 207-25-61160 seal...

[2021-10-06] United States

Quote for Slewing Bearing: KUD02000-050VJ15-900-000

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I am requesting a quote for the following slewing bearing. Part number:...


Fwd: price Slewing ring E.816.32.00.D.1

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Good afternoon ! Please provide the cost and delivery time for the Slewing ring E.816.32.00.D.1 in qty. 1...

[2021-04-15] Turkey

informationa bout price SUMİTOMO SH450 8976031120YAK, SH450 KTB0847

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You need an OPU for the CAT 365C excavator

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Здравствуйте! Нужно ОПУ на экскаватор САТ 365С Цена и срок поставки? Hello! It is necessary to put an OPU - slewing bearing- on the excavator СAT 365С...


Please check price Slew Bearing TOTA TX210C

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Hello. Please check price and availability: TOTA TX210C Slew Bearing - 1 T=87 OD = 1369 36 BOLTS = DIA 20MM...

[2021-01-19] Sri Lanka

Fwd: Swing bearing for Machine RK 250-3

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Dear sir Good Day ! Plz send your best price for the below items Machine - RK 250-3 01. Swing bearing - 01 NOS...


NEW INQUIRY SWING CIRCLE 21P-25-K1100 Circle Assy, Swing bearing

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Greetings Dear Sir/Madam, Good Day. Could you please quote the following item ? 21P-25-K1100 Circle Assy, Swing 1 Pcs ( Please inform me about the net weight ,availability ,and the final price ? )...

[2020-11-09] Australia

Please quote P/A 1 off VU140325

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Hi, Please quote P/A 1 off VU140325 delivered to Sydney Australia. Thanks Kind...


QUOTE KLK-SO-1100-24 Slewing ring bearing

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Dear, This is located in Miami, FL, USA. We are a company specialized in the commercialization of parts and spares for the agroindustrial industry, activity that we have been developing for more than five years offering high quality, competitive prices and efficient responses to our customers; factors that have differentiated us from the competition....

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