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3,175 х 6,35 х 2,779 шарикоподшипники с керамическими шариками

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Добрый день! Можем ли мы приобрести у Вас 3,175 х 6,35 х 2,779 шарикоподшипники с керамическими шариками с последующей их отправкой любой удобной для Вас транспортной компанией до Магнитогорска?...

[2016-08-23] Russian Federation

provide us the prices FNTK 3554, FNTK 5072, TPK 6484 JL, 6012, 6011, 7911c, 7910c

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Good afternoon! I would like to know if you could provide us the prices on following KOYO bearings: FNTK 3554 FNTK...

[2015-09-17] Australia

we need 6305 Si3N4 ball Bearing

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Hi, we need a cost per unit for the above item 6305 Si3N4 ball Bearing...

[2015-08-24] Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

buy 6009 6204 2RS 6803 2RS full ceramic bearings

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Looking for full ceramic bearings as below: 1;6009 ZrO2 Qty10 2;6204 ZrO2 Qty20 3;6803 2RS Si3N4 ...

[2014-08-07] United States

Enquiry Full Ceramic Thrust Bearing 5mmX10mmX4mm

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My friends, I would appreciate purchasing information concerning Full Ceramic Thrust Bearings. My size requirement is...

[2014-06-13] Venezuela

request for /KE/NU215H2MR2C4EP01, 6311H2S8C4EP6X265U01 ceramic bearings

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Hi /KE/NU215H2MR2C4EP01 Qty 100 6311H2S8C4EP6X265U01 Qty 100 Those are ceramic bearings for traction motors used in Railways application I can send some...

[2013-09-06] Germany

We are searching for 6206 Ceramic Ball Bearing

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Dear, We are searching for around 180 full ceramic, high temperature (min. 700°C) ball bearings Type 6206. Material could be SixNy or SiC or ZrO. With best...

[2013-07-12] Italy

We are interested in bearings 8X16X6 ZZ, 4X11X4 ZZ, 8X14X4 ZZ etc

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Dear Sir We are interested in bearings . WE NEED BEARINGS AS IBRID CERAMIC BALL AND PHENOLIC CAGE or other material , the important not steel cage 50.000 RPM THESE SIZE: 8X16X6 ZZ 4X11X4 ZZ 8X14X4 ZZ 2X6X2,3 ZZ 6X12X4 ZZ 3X10X4 ZZ 3X8X4 ZZ 4x7x2 200.000rpm ...

[2013-06-20] Singapore

Could quote me your 6803-2RS ABEC 5 and 6802 bearing

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Hello there, Could quote me your 6803-2RS ABEC 5 and 6802 weight. What is the size. Standard bearing weight and price and ceramic bearing weight and price What is the...

[2013-05-27] Malaysia

ceramic bearing inquiry

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Dear Sir, Something like the attach picture. But pls quote us your standard material for flange and Stainless steel material for flange. But bearing we want...

[2013-04-15] Australia

Enquiry Full Ceramic & Ceramic Hybrid bearing 6802 (15x24x5) 6803 (17x26x5) 6806 (30x42x7) 6902 (15x28x7)

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Typical bearing sizes for such 'road bikes' are as follows: (though I understand there are many more size variations than this) 6802 (15x24x5) 6803 (17x26x5) 6806 (30x42x7) 6902...

[2013-04-04] Australia

Buy Full Ceramic / Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

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Hi there can you answer a few questions for me in relation to your bearings... 1. With regard to your 'Ceramic Hybrid' bearings (Chrome Steel / Stainless Steel). What ABEC tolerances are they machined too? 2. In relation to the Zi3N4 balls... What maximum grade do you offer? (E.g: G5, G3 etc...) 3. For both your Full Ceramic & Ceramic Hybrid bearings, (Stainless / Chromium Steel) what...

[2013-04-04] United Kingdom

Buy 608 ceramic bearings

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Hi, I have been searching for some ceramic bearings, of the above part number. My daughter races inline speed skating for a club,...

[2013-03-14] United Kingdom

Buy High-Speed Zirconia ceramic bearings 6mm X 19mm X 6mm

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Could you give me please a quote for 18 bearings measuring 6mm X 19mm X 6mm (inside X outer X width) that kind of bearings described in...

[2013-01-28] Spain

We are interested in 608 Hybrid Stainless Steel 316 bearing

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Dear Sir, We are interested in 608 Hybrid Stainless Steel 316 bearing to work in wet conditions. Could you please provide us your best price? Yours...

[2013-01-17] United States

Buy ceramic bearing abec-7 for 699, 61805, 6902, 6802, 6000

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dear sir, do you have ceramic bearing abec-7 for: - 699 - 61805 - 6902 - 6802 - 6000 Best...

[2012-12-19] India

quote for Hybrid design ceramic bearing 6210, 6211

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Dear Sir, Kindly quote for Hybrid design ceramic bearing as under. Size : 1.) 6210 Qty: 02 nos 2.) 6211 Qty: 01 no Ring SS 316L or similar Cage: PTFE Ball: Ceramic ZrO2 or...

[2012-11-20] Turkey

We need ceramic bearing (balls 22,23 or 25 mm)

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Dear Ms / Sir, We need ceramic bearing shown in the picture within the attached file. We will use these ceramic balls in our new towel radiator melding machine. It includes steel conveyor which the products are carried on and we want to use these balls in an mechanism that we newly design to make the conveyor’s service life longer by decreasing its...

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