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RFQ 4-055-70-1-ZRS, 2-055-70-1-ZRS bearing

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Hi Sales team. we hope this email finds you well. we are a company specializing in the supply of industrial supplies. on this occasion, we kindly ask you to send us your best price including a reseller discount for the following...

[2022-07-23] Bahrain

Enquiry Bearing Thrust XLT3

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Hi, Please quote the subject bearing XLT3. Qty. 2...


Enquiry PMW206PP ( TİMKEN )

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can i have the product price and delivery time MLZ: PMW206PP ( TİMKEN ) EA :...


Запрос Подшипник 190*240*37

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Подшипник упорный-шариковый 190*240*37 1 шт Цена и время доставки сколько...

[2022-07-05] Mexico

Balero rodamiento de Transfer Ford edge

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Balero rodamiento de Transfer Ford...

[2022-06-29] Mexico

Balero 30bvv06

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Rodamiento doble de...


Запрос Подшипник 160209

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Добрый день Подшипник 160209 - 48шт...

[2022-06-20] United Arab Emirates

RFQ: BEARING HALF MB10 4.25/4.25/X 5B-VIP-2, EDQP0001 4.25/4.25/X 5B-VIP-2

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Dear Sir/madam, Greetings! Please provide us your best offer quotation and availability of the subject inquiry RFQ; PA-7200_ BEARING HALF Due date: ASAP 1: BEARING HALF KOC CONN ROD PART# MB10 4.25/4.25/X...


Orçamento Modelo: 45955-F

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Descrição de Item ( Quantidade 02 ) Sede especifico para válvula segurança Axelson - (Modelo:...


Enquiry C-Flex bearings A-10, A-20

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Good afternoon! Orient yourself in the cost of C-Flex bearings A-10 - 50 pcs A-20 - 50...


Упорные Радиально-упорные шарикоподшипники ACS080613

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добрый день! хотели бы заказать Упорные Радиально-упорные шарикоподшипники ACS080613. в количестве 4-6 шт. какие будут цены , доставка и...


Запрос Подшипник роликовый упорный трехрядный 87420L1

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Добрый день. Прошу выставить счет с указанием срока поставки по потребности Подшипник роликовый упорный трехрядный 87420L1( CONSOLIDATED BEARING)-2...

[2022-04-21] Portugal

Enquiry bearings Z9504 RST

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[2022-04-18] United States

RFQ: 19922700, 19610600, 19610500 BEARING

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Can you please send me a quote that includes weight and lead time for the below item(s)? 19922700 BEARING HS - 4.125" BORE QUANTITY NEEDED IS 1 EACH 19922600 BEARING HS- 4.125"...


Запрос Подшипники шпинделя S 6005 C TB HG GUL

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Добрый день! Просьба сообщить о возможности поставки следующей позиции: Подшипники шпинделя S 6005 C TB HG GUL - 6...

[2022-04-07] United States

I need a Motorcycle Stearing Stem Bearing

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Hello. I'm trying to do a fork converstion on a dirtbike. I need a tapered stearing stem bearing with the dimensions of...

[2022-04-01] United Arab Emirates

Quotation Requested BEARING HALF B-VIP PART EDQP0001, MB10

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Hope this email finds you well, Further to the development with one of our valued clients, kindly provide us your best prices for the following below...


In need of ceramic or hybrid ceramic bearing 40*60*20.6

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In need of ceramic or hybrid ceramic bearing 40 mm id 62mm od 20.6 mm width or 24 mm...

[2022-03-25] Italy


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BA135-6 dimension...

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