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looking for SBG35SLL-C guide block

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I’m looking for a linear rail bearing with reference SBG35SLL-C. I’m sending this email to ask for a quotation for this part. Please include any shipping cost involved to...


Inquiry Carriage KWVE25-B-S-V2-G4#E INA, Guide carriage KWVE55-B-L-V2-G4 INA

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Hello. For today we are interested in purchasing. 1. Carriage KWVE25-B-S-V2-G4#E INA - 2 pcs. 2. Guide carriage KWVE55-B-L-V2-G4 INA - 4 pcs. ...



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Line Item UOM Quantity BEARING;LINEAR, GUIDE,70MM,140MM,196.7MM, PN: KWSE55-L MFR:...


Offer price INA ball guide block KWVE15BG3V1

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Hello, Please send me offer price and delivery term for 4 pieces INA ball guide block KWVE15BG3V1. Thank you and waiting for your...


Solicitação de orçamento KWVE25-B-G4V0

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Bom dia, Estou entrando em contato em nome da PremieRpet para solicitar um orçamento de um rolamento; Segue: 17 66010250 1 PATIN...


Offer request HSR35LA, HSR35

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Dear Sirs, we ask for a quotation of the following THK components: n.8 rail block code HSR35LA 2 C1 M n.2 linear rail for pads type HSR35 code 4400L P T M-II n.2 rail for pads type HSR35 code 4800L P T...


urgent ++ Quote Request KWVE20-B-V0-G4

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Hi, We would be grateful if you would provide us with a quote with the best price possible for...


Linear guide request THK SSR15 XVY, INA RWU25-D-FE, INA KWE20G3V0

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Dear Sir or Miss: please consider request Linear guide: 1. THK SSR15 XVY - 6 pcs. 2. INA RWU25-D-FE - 8 pcs. 3. INA RWU25-E-HL-G1-V3 - 8 pcs. 4. INA KWE20G3V0 (30x63x70,4) - 8 pcs....

[2021-12-22] United Arab Emirates

Requirement of Linear Guide Block, BRH35B, BJH05221462

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MOST URGENT! Dear Sir, Please send us your offer for below description and quantity. Sr. No.: 01 Description: Linear Guide Block, BRH35B, BJH05221462, Make: ABBA Qty.: 10...

[2021-09-19] United Arab Emirates


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Good morning Please quote your best for the following: MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: LINEAR GUIDE BLOCK,BRH35B, BJH05221462,MAKE-ABBA QTY.:...

[2021-08-12] Poland

enquiry Linear slides NKL 1-65

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Hello We are planning to buy a linear slides. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything to match in your catalog. Do you have a linear slides somewhere that would match or nearly match the linear slides NKL 1-65 Schneeberger...


Request for spare parts for Mazak machines

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Please provide availability, prices and delivery times for the following items: 1 per catalog number E00CF8BUUR0 Support roller E00CF8BUUR0 Variaxis-630 16 pieces 2 per catalog E00CFSFU160 Support roller E00CFSFU160 Variaxis-630 40 pieces 3 per catalog 700010498 CNC module FCA730PY-N01 QTN-100IIM 1 piece 4 per catalog F28VVA20661 Linear guides, set of 2 pcs. SVS45LR1DDC0S Integrex-300 1...


looking for Qty of the H20FN Linear Motion Bearing

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Dear Madam / Sir, I am looking for Qty of four (4) of the H20FN Linear Motion Bearing The width is...



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Dear Sir, Please send offer for below items at the earliest. Also send the data sheet. · Please mention the weight and dimension of packing Rail for Guide SSR30XW L 920mm Mfr. Part number: SSR30XW Base unit of measure: Set...

[2020-11-10] India

quote for KWSE35-L Linear Guide Block

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Pl. send the quote for ''KWSE35-L Linear Guide'' in USD ''$". Quantity 4 no. Thanks and...

[2020-10-06] Spain

Quotation linear guide 6 pcs of the SBG 45FL-C-K1-1PCS

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Good morning, I need please quotation and delivery date at our facilities (Camponaraya, Spain) for 6 pcs of the SBG 45FL-C-K1-1PCS....

[2020-05-04] Chile

Need 10 pieces linear guides MSA20LESSFCN

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Dear Tradebearings team, Need 10 pieces linear guides MSA20LESSFCN as shown in the appendix. Please send me an offer with an expected delivery date....


quote me for Part Number​: SBG 15 SL-C Linear Guide Block

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Please see below. ​Part Number​: SBG 15 SL-C Part Description: Linear Guide Block-Linear Motion Bearing Qty: 10 Price I appreciate your time and...

[2019-08-22] India


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Kindly send us your lowest quotation as per our requirement for Halol Unit with Catalogue. Requisition Line Deliver-To Item Item Description Note to Buyer UOM Quantity 415321329 1 HALOL UH3-LDC S-MESP06896 LINEAR SLIDING RAIL FOR TALL DANCER OF 800 DPO SIZE OSG20 X 1500MM...

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