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Cotizacion Rodamientos 6316-ZZ / C3P6, 6222-ZZ / C3P6, 6213-ZZ / C3P6, 6212-ZZ / C3P6, 7311BG-ZZ / C3P6

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Good morning, I would like you to be able to give me the price of the following bearings urgently. Greetings. -- Motor Rodamientos MOTOR ELÉCTRICO DE 300 HP, 460 VCA 6316-ZZ / C3P6 6316-ZZ / C3P6 MOTOR ELÉCTRICO DE 150 HP, 460 VCA 6316-ZZ / C3P6 6222-ZZ / C3P6 MOTOR ELÉCTRICO DE 125 HP, 460 VCA 6316-ZZ / C3P6 6222-ZZ / C3P6...

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