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One of the leading manufacturer of variouse bearings since 2004. After many years efforts,our company has got very good reputation and establish long term business relationship with many client from both at home and abroad, especially in European and American markets. Our own bearing brand is "YNR". Welcome to contact... ...
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    • 6700 zz bearing 10×15×3 mm
    • 6700 zz bearing 10×15×3 mm
    • Thin-walled bearing 6700 zz are simple structure and easy to use, are the most widely application bearing, mainly used to support radial load....
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  • Company Name: YNR Bearing Company
  • Company Address: lushan
  • Country: China
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  • Telephone Number: +86-000-00000000  
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  • Contact Person: Luna
  • Showroom: https://www.tradebearings.com/Luna/
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6700 zz 10 x 15 x 3