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[2015-02-03] Tunisia

Quote Request GE160ES, NU028S01, 5H401752, 034179, 312-105-ON

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Hello , Please advise your best quote price and delivery date for : S/NO PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY UOM NSN 1 GE160ES SELF ALIGING BEARING 10 NMB 3120-99-723-5478 2 NU028S01 MECHANICAL SEAL 72 NMB WANG-71-007-6481 ...

[2014-11-27] Hong Kong


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Dear Sirs, I am Pedro Leal from Havan-Chang Holdings; a company based in Hong Kong with offices in Venezuela, Brazil, and other South American Countries specialized on product...

[2014-11-21] United States

RFQ GE6C bearing

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Hello, Please provide pricing and lead time on- PN: GE6C Bearing Qty....

[2014-11-19] India

Enquiry GE10E, GE10ES, GEG10E Spherical Plain Bearings

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Dear sir I want to know the specification of “Spherical Plain Bearings (GE10E, GE10ES,...

[2014-10-21] Spain

IKO GE4E rodamientos

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[2014-09-23] Bosnia and Herzegovina

request for INA GE55SW and INA GE90SW bearing

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Dear, Be so kind and send us offer for: 1. INA GE55SW and 2. INA...

[2014-08-27] United Kingdom

Enquiry Ge4e, Ge5e, Ge6e, Ge6d Spherical bearings

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Dear Sir, Can you supply the following bearings if so what is the price delivered to Scotland, UK. AB345EL I require:- 5. Ge4e 10. Ge5e 3. Ge6e 2. Ge6d ...

[2014-08-20] Bolivia

Pls quote the Price of Bearing NTN SA4-70B

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Bearing NTN SA4-70B Pls quote the Price of the Bearing in...

[2014-08-13] Canada

Enquiry for GE Ball Bearing

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Ref-17406-08 Attn : Sales Dear Sirs, Please advise your best price and delivery for the following; Your early reply is highly...

[2014-08-08] Australia

Looking for GAR60DO-2RS, GAR70DO-2RS, GK60DO, GK70DO bearing

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Hi, We are looking for a bearing supplier that can service our needs At the moment we are looking for the following bearings at those volumes every couple of...

[2014-07-02] Australia

I am seeking Two (2) x Types custom made spherical bearing

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Can you assist me? I am seeking Two (2) x Types custom made spherical bearing for Military Vehicle High tensile - Hard Chrome Plated Ball Teflon Liner (Bonded to...

[2014-06-19] United States

plase quote GE20ES-2RS, 63003-2RS, 63004-2RS, 61902-2RS, 63002-2RS bearing

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Dear Sir. Could you plase quote 1.200-GE20ES-2RS-INA 100-63003-2RS--FAG OR SKF 20-63004-2RS-FAG-SKF 150-61902-2RS FAG OR SKF 20-63002-2RS-FAG OR SKF 20-2302-2RS--FAG OR SKF 50-KH2540LL THANK...

[2014-06-09] Vietnam

Inquiry of INA spherical plain bearing GE 16 PW

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Dear Sir/Madam, We are in Hanoi – Vietnam; we are supplying equipment and spare parts for industrial customers in Vietnam. We have an inquiry of your products as follows: 1. INA spherical plain bearing GE 16 PW 2. Quantity: 40...

[2014-04-02] Poland

we require GE 40 ES, GE 40 ES 2RS bearing

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Hi, We are starting new project with customer and we require new offer for below bearing : GE 40 ES – 30 000pcs/year GE 40 ES 2RS – 30 000pcs /...

[2014-04-01] Peru

quote GE60SX (60/95 x 23) bearing

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Dear Sirs, My name is Jose and I need Quesquen Please quote GE60SX (60/95 x 23) 05...

[2013-10-24] Malta

Do you have the GE18/33 bearing

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To whom it may concern, Do you have the following bearing? (Size in mm) This would need to be shipped to Malta if possible. Thanks and...

[2013-08-29] Netherlands

Do you have 4x GE380ES bearing in stock

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Dear, Do you have 4x GE380ES bearing in stock, I need them in 4 weeks in the Netherlands. Is that possible? Kind...

[2013-08-20] India

Enquiry radial spherical plain bearings equaliant to SKF Type GE 70 TXE 2LS

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Dear Sirs, Our Company is looking for OEM Bearing manufacturer who can produce maintenance free radial spherical plain bearings equaliant to SKF Type GE 70 TXE 2LS. We require our own brand and model marking on the...

[2013-07-20] Argentina

Inquiry about Spherical Plain Bearing and Rod End

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Mr., My name is Jorge Conil; I'm Purchases manager, a company from Argentina well known for the design and manufacture of Mechatronic goods for the OEM in the agricultural machinery industry and the...

[2013-07-09] Spain

Quote SI 16 E M-16, SI 20 E M-20, SI 16 ES M-16, SI 20 ES M-20 Spherical Plain Bearing

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Dear Shenq, I would like to get your price quote, delivery time and equivalence for the products: 500 Un. SI 16 E M-16 Spherical Plain Bearing 500 Un. SI 20 E M-20 Spherical Plain Bearing 500 Un. SI 16 ES M-16 Spherical Plain...

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