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we want to cooperate

Posted Date:
Sep 25, 2014
Expiry Date:
Nov 25, 2014

Good evening. My name is Mariia, I am present a firm which sells bearing
more that 10 years on the Ukrainian market. In this year we decided to
buy bearings abroad by ourself. We  are interesting to cooperate with
your firm and we are expecting your answer on the next question:
- we are interested in some bearing, and we want to know what your price
are /also you can give any your price to us /
- what firms of  manufacturer bearings do you offer/list of trademarks
of bearing you are trading
- are you  manufacturer bearings
- how we can to transport it, or you can deliver it to us and how much
it will cost  price of transporting/.

What is the minimum consignment? I send to You a list of some bearing of
what we are interested. We have opportunity and desire to arrive to you
if we have interesting propose from you.

We are choose bearings from which we are decide to started. This
bearings we want to receive by airplane as soon as it possible. It
should be trial batch. We want to receive price on it and what from
those types of bearings do you have. After we are receive it we arrive
to you and will order other batch, large and by the sea. Also we need
sign the contract, because under our laws we cannot buy currency with
out it. Can you send typical contract? We already issue all our
documents. Also we receive a list off document we need for our custom. I
send it for you, could you tell me what from it you can give us? Also,
we need to know, this is your price  shipping to our airport? Our
delivery company has a service deliver from manufacture China to the
sender in Ukraine, how to change the price in such a case if our deliver
service will take it by themselves?
For confirmation of the customs value, country of origin and the
manufacturer should:
- in the contract we should indicate manufacturer (conditions under
which a contract will depend on the number of additional documents
(contract with the expedition, the bill for the transportation of
freight forwarder)
- Clearly indicate the brand, number and cost of goods
- Please indicate in the invoice for the goods the country of origin,
- Customs declaration of the country of the sender
- The manufacturer's list price.

Thank you very  much. I will waiting for your answer.


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