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We are looking for converter main bearings 1.180*1.540*355

Posted Date:
Aug 14, 2019
Expiry Date:
Sep 14, 2019

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are looking for one of our clients for converter main bearings
Our customers demand is 2 pieces.

Specification: Dimensions: 1.180 mm x 1.540 mm x 355 mm.

The following certificates are required: Certification according EN 10204-3.1 including an ultrasonic test.

Delivery condition: DDP 4020 Linz, Austria. Please inform us if global delivery is possible.
Delivery time: as soon as possible (please indicate your average delivery time)
Payment Condition: 60 days net.
Our client has excellent credit and can be insured at any time.

We ask you to check your options for the delivery of the converter main bearings and possibly your best offer.

We also ask for a short feedback if you do not want to submit an offer for this request so that we can take you out of the evidence and do not contact you with further inquiries to the above mentioned product.

Please send your offer directly to us by e-mail

Thanks a lot! I remain in expectation of your offers.

Best regards

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