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quotation for SEAL RING(SKF).

Posted Date:
Jun 13, 2014
Expiry Date:
Aug 13, 2014

Our Ref : EP(PT)14-0365
Date    : 12.06.2014

Dear Sir/madam,

Hi, Good Day. I'm looking for your kindness to provide me with the
quotation for SEAL RING(SKF). please quote me as soon as possible.

This is ***URGENT*** item. Your quotation must be delivered to us
on or before 16.06.2014 @ 1500HRS Malaysia time. Please refer the item
attachment below. If you need any further questions just feel highly
appreciated to let me know, I will response promptly.

                       PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHMENT

NOTE: Your offer should be accompanied with;
 1) Official Quotations
 2) Warranty Period
 3) Technical Specifications
 4) Data Sheet & Catalog (Drawing)
 5) Certificates belong to the offered items
 6) Estimate Weight
 7) FOB Port, Country of Origin
 8) Freight Charges
 9) Validity Offer at least 90 days

With my best Regards,


The purchasing information has expired