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Product information request P2B-GTMAH-50M-LL, P2B-GTM-50M-LL, P2B-GTMAH-50M, P2B-GTM-50M

Posted Date:
Jan 21, 2023
Expiry Date:
Feb 21, 2023
To whom it may concern.

I am looking for some pillow block bearing units from Dodge for a research application.
The products I am interested in have the following codes.
P2B-GTMAH-50M-LL (2pcs. )
P2B-GTM-50M-LL (2pcs. )
P2B-GTMAH-50M (2pcs. )
P2B-GTM-50M (2pcs. )

  I would need to know stock availability (or lead time) and prices for each code indicated above,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. in order to select the best-option for me.
I would kindly-ask to include-shipping-cost to Italy.

Best regards
The purchasing information has expired