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ENQUIRY 912 Axial Bearing SKF or Equivalent

Posted Date:
Mar 08, 2021
Expiry Date:
Apr 08, 2021

Good morning,
Please quote as with best prices and shipping conditions till 09.03.2021, about:

Indel code: 10093920
Manufacturer: SKF
Part No.:912 Axial Bearing SKF or Equivalent
Description:Model 912
Qty: 2
Unit: pieces

Please let us have your corresponding answer as soon as possible.
Due to the stricter regulations of export we kindly ask you to indicate the following information in your offer:

- customs tariff number
- datasheets
- are the offered products dual use good
Thank you very much for your kind collaboration.
Kind regards

Please indicate in your offer:
prices FCA nearest airport incl. appropiate packing
(if >150 kgs. FCR next seaport, incl. seaworthy packing
- Packing details (gross-weight/volume)
- Time of delivery
- Delivery conditions
- Terms of payment
- Resale discount
- Price validity

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