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Could you send me a quote about: SKF TIH030

Posted Date:
May 11, 2019
Expiry Date:
Jun 11, 2019


Could you send me a quote about:


Quant. x1

Inductive heater, mobile inductor type, 230V voltage, 2kVA power, 16A, for bearings;

• ATTENTION: In order for us to offer this item to our final customer, we point out that the following documentation is REQUIRED:


• The supplier must demonstrate Quality Management System Certification, issued by a certification body accredited by INMETRO (Brazil) or by a signatory of the MLA of the International Accreditation Forum.

• The Certificate must contain an appropriate scope for the manufacture or the provision of services, mentioning the type of activity, such as: design, manufacturing, assembly, integration, etc.

• the Certificate must include the company's factory address

• Certificates presented in languages ​​other than Portuguese, English and Spanish must be presented with a sworn translation

** please, pay attention to the deadline
Deadline: May 15, 2019.


What is the HS Code Product?
Is this could be shipped to Brazil?
If so, could you add the price on the quote, please?
Is it 100% brand new?
How much is the shipment?
Also, how long would be the lead time?
What is the dimensions and weight?
Is there any certificate of originality? Wicht?
What is the type of payment? Paypal?
Could you inform to me the bank fee or paypal?
What’s the limit price invoice to Brazil?

Best regards,

The purchasing information has expired